Getting Into the Rhythm of
Good Health

My clinical practice encompasses a body-centered approach
to well-being with a trauma sensitive awareness.

My Therapeutic Approaches


Therapy (CST)

A gentle, hands-on approach to healing.



Tune into the inner landscape.


Safe and Sound
Protocol (SSP)

Calming sound-based intervention.

What is a ‘body centered’ approach?

An approach that is focused on balancing the various systems of the physical body through either hands-on Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST), directly calming the nervous system via the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) listening program, and/or using Somatic Therapy techniques to alter the reaction of the body to stress and trauma..

A focus on the body in these ways, creates physical changes that can be felt in terms of tension being released from the body, and the nervous system stepping down a gear or 2….  Less stress and anxiety, improved freedom of movement, decreased pain, improved sleep, and general improvements in health and vitality

At a deeper level of awareness, as we feel more embodied, we exist more in the ‘here and now’,  Our muscles can relax and we can breath more deeply. 

‘body centered’ approach
trauma sensitive

What does ‘trauma sensitive’ mean?

A ‘trauma sensitive’ or ‘trauma aware’ approach to therapy encompasses a trusting in the natural ability that the body has to recover from trauma given the ‘right space’.  Important components needed to process trauma involves safe relation, titration (pacing), effective containment, and also a safe space to rest in as processing and integration occurs.

Our lives are a unique expression, often we have multiple layers of personal events not fully processed, as well as ancestral, and collective influences of trauma.   The effect of this stuck survival energy on our wellbeing is multi-faceted; it impacts not only physical health,  but also mental health,  relationships and our behaviour.   There is a strong correlation between early trauma and difficulties in learning and development, as well as later life addictions.

My aim is to provide an open, safe and friendly environment.  A knowing that your body has the ability to heal and recover, whilst handling the tender subject of trauma with respect and sensitivity.

Let’s discuss your situation, or if you have some questions you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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